Established in the year 1968, Madras Optical always strives for excellence in each and every spectacle we deliver. The journey which started more than four decades back has many first to Madras Optical credit.

At that time, it became the first store in Gorakhpur to be managed by qualified Optometrist. The enhanced product offering backed by unsurpassed technical know-how, made Madras Optical a household name when it came to delivering quality spectacles.

Madras Optical went on to add toughened lenses to its product portfolio. When plastic lenses weren’t available, toughened lenses were the best options for children. Of course this was later phased out with advent of plastic lenses.

Madras Optical were also first to introduce Auto refractometers (Commonly known as Computerized eye test) in Gorakhpur. We also were first optical store to dispense Contact Lenses at Gorakhpur.

The list did not end here as we continue to be the first to bring new brands, new techniques, and sophisticated lenses, and first in most things we do, whether it is to do with modern showrooms’ or branching out with new areas. We have always led the marketplace.