Madras Optical has large array of lenses to chooses from. We segment our lens portfolio in three segments namely Economy, Standard and Premium Range. Our product portfolio ensures that our customers has product at all price point. Our sales staff further assist by helping our customers to choose right products for themselves. Madras Optical has partnered with best vendors from the industry to provide our customers with an exemplary product.

MADRAS OPTICAL also produces its own range of Organic lenses, in all segments namely Single Vision, Bifocals and Progressive. Our lenses are also available in Hard Coats, Hard Multi Coats

These lenses are specifically designed to meet visual demands and the modern lifestyle needs of our customers, while keeping in mind the environment conditions we live in.

Our lenses goes through elaborate quality control process and passes stringent checks before being made available at our stores. Our lenses comes with our trademark fog identity, Madras, Madras UV, Madras HD, Madras Blu, and Madras 1.67.

® essilor, Crizal, Varilux, Transitions are registered brands of Essilor International S.A.

® Rayban, Vogue, Killer Loop are registered brands of Luxottica Group S.p.A.

® Safilo, oxydo, vittorio, Carerra are registered brands of Safilo Group S.p.A

® Dioptres is registered brand of Dioptres Ulimited

® Madras, and Madras UV, Madras HD, Madras Blu, Madras 1.67 are trademark brand of Madras Optical